General Introduction


Crypto Racers is an NFT collection of 10,000 uniquely generated galactic pilots ready to race!
Crypto racers or Cracers are the universe's most advanced pilots conformed by humans, cyborgs, aliens and robots. Cracers participate in planetary “predict to earn” races. Planetary races are endurance races around different planetary surfaces which last several days. Cracers rely on their pilot skills, courage, hover racer and of course...luck. When racing, each racer's position and advancement is determined by a score. Prediction accuracy determines your Cracer's score and ranking. More accurate predictions will rank higher in the race and earn more rewards. Race for weekly rewards and obtain valuable intra community prediction information to support your decision making in trading, investing or betting!
Cracers and hovers will be stored in Ethereum network, NFT rewards and the predict to earn (P2E) plataform will be stored in the Polygon Matic blockchain.
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