Rewards and Distribution

Each pilot will be rewarded based on the TIER in which their final median score falls into. Each TIER percentage reward will be divided equally amongst the total pilot scores that fall in that TIER. Total 88%*
Tier rewards = 88% of total pool
*The race keepers will also distribute the following quantities for this race track:
  1. 1.
    5% - Planetary Race Vault
  2. 2.
    7% - Race Champion
Planetary Race Development Vault: 5% of the total pooled entry amount will go towards the community project wallet. The earnings on this wallet will serve with project development, marketing, promotional, operational and giveaway related costs/expenses.
Race Champion: 7% of the total accumulated entry fee will be destined to the top final score of the race. Race Champion also earns all of the other applicable rewards. In case of a tie, the race champion prize will be splitted equally amongst the champion racers.
TIER reward rotation: If for the week NO scores fall into one or more TIERS, the “dead” TIER rewards will be distributed equally over each of the active TIERS.
Ex: There is a week in which there are no scores that fall in TIER 1 (0-30). The 33% rewards from TIER 1 would be distributed in the following way: 33% / 3 (number of active remaining TIERS) = 11% more rewards from the pool to each active pool